Sunday, February 20, 2011

So I finally saw some spring; which means it is right around the corner! I couldn't be more happy! It was time to start shedding those horrible layers! I am beginning to hate this winter so much!

Outfit Info: 
        Dress-Forever 21
      Cardigan-Old Navy
     Boots-Necessary Clothing

 I stole the bow dress from my sister, but added the cardigan and sweater since it was still a tad chilly.
I am getting such a style block with this weather, I feel as if I have to wear the same thing over and over again since it is so cold! Anyone agree with me? Most would say that seeing the "beautiful" snow would give them the opportunity for fantastic layers, but I could not disagree more! I need spring and summer to come NOW! Oh well, I feel like I'm complaining too much! 

On a happier note, I found out that I got into a college that is only 20 minutes from New York City! Things are truly looking up! I can still have the opportunities to intern in the city! YAY!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland?

  As most know, this winter has been horrendous! I have spent every waking second this winter trying to find clothes that not only keep me warm, but also have some sort of fashionable flair. I feel like this ensemble has encompassed both of those things.
  I am really loving the trend of cuffed shorts with tights. It makes it so easy to transition summer/spring clothes into fall/winter clothes. But I'm ready to put away the winter sweaters and bring out the summer dresses!!! Spring needs to get here sooner!

 So the lack of pictures is because it was the first time I ever used a tripod!! I have never felt more awkward! Hopefully as time goes by I will get more comfortable with it!