Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bulldogs and Christmas Time

Merry belated Christmas to one and all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday spent with the ones they love. And I hope some were lucky enough to have a white Christmas unlike us Ohioans. 

Since moving to New York for college I actually have the opportunity to shop at fantastic vintage stores where I got these red boots! They have kind of become my most worn item. I pair them with almost everything. 

2011 is coming to a close, another year has come and gone, and what do I have to show for it? A box full of many memories and adventures. I have graduated high school and moved onto the beautiful world of college. I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings me. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shoot for the Stars.

So, I feel like I have to reintroduce myself it has been that long since I've last posted! Who knew that going to college and keeping up with a blog would be so difficult. Kudos who can actually do it!

So college! I feel like I have finally found my nitch. Nothing beats living in New York! Seriously, I have had so many opportunities and I have only lived here for four months! I have seen some Broadway shows, done some amazing shopping, and met some pretty amazing people in the magazine industry. I'd have to say the most amazing experience was being able to meet all of the editors of Teen Vogue, also known as my absolute favorite publication! All of them gave me such amazing advice that has truly motivated me. As my first semester has officially come to an end and I am back in my own room in Ohio, I have realized that I have come to the right place. I am finally where I am supposed to be to pursue my dreams!
Now that it is the holiday season, it is time to start thinking about the whole New Years resolution thing. I make one every year, but I never truly keep them. This year I obviously have to have a new one. Here is a sneak peak as to what it will be. Update this more. I mean, if I want to work in the magazine industry, I'll have to get used to updating things even if I have no time! So wish me luck on my endeavor! 


Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumnal Solstice

Well, it is that time of year again. The leaves are slowly changing and the temperature is slowly dropping. No longer can we wear pretty sundresses without modifying it a bit. Sweater season is upon us! 

 This sweater dress is possibly one of the greatest purchases I have ever made. There is no such thing as being cold when wearing this giant knit frock. As for the boots and tights, I see them as a must with any outfit when trudging through the dreadful cold. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I hope...

Well I have been on lovely Long Island for almost a month and I love it! Being only an hour away from the city is wonderful! It might not be as good as living right in NYC, but it comes close.
 ANYWAYS!!! last weekend I finally made it out into the city! Zoe, Dacia, Elisabeth, and I started off our adventure finding ourselves in a random flea market near Union Square. Everything I found there was to DIE FOR! I was at a high risk of buying everything in my line of sight!

  After hour of shopping, soon it was time to head to the highline! That is seriously one of the most amazing views in all of Manhattan! I could literally spend ALL day up there! It was such a relaxing way to end the magnificent day. After leaving the highline I found something pretty amazing. It was called the hope pole. On a side street someone put hundreds of blank tags and pencils to write all your hopes. It was so amazing to read all the hopes and dreams from complete strangers. I hope to come back in five years, and see if I achieved what I wanted.... if it is still there! 

outfit details: 
Dress: Forever 21
Bomber: England
Tights: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Target

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So long Ohio!

Hello all! I know it has been forever since my last post... and I am really trying to keep up with everything, life has just been extremely crazy for the last few weeks! For starters I packed up my life and headed out for New York, greeted by a lovely lady named Irene. Moving in to college was such a breeze, but it has felt like I have been here for ages and finally just starting classes! UGH!  

Of course on the day classes start it had to be raining! So I opted for the boots, tights and jackets.. Thank god I only had two classes to walk to or I would have died! More importantly, from the classes that I have taken today, I have the feeling that this year is going to be amazing! So long Ohio, hello New York! 
Here's to new beginnings!! 


Friday, August 12, 2011

A New Chapter

  Well, summer is quickly drawing to a close, which means a couple of different things. One: LAYERS!! I'm sorry to all of you people who love summer and the heat, but I am an autumn type of girl and cannot wait to wear a lot of sweaters and tights!
 This outfit is from all the way back in March, but it encompasses everything I love autumnish weather... even if it was in the beginning of spring. I feel like those seasons are extremely similar. I love this dress because I can wear it during any season and feel comfortable! The jacket is my go to piece if I want to look a little more edgy.. And the shoes... Do I even have to say? They are to die! Though I only can wear them for a short period of time, I alway feel way more confident in them!

  The second thing that the end of summer means, is leaving for college. I am so excited to start on my new adventure in New York! The only problem is I have to leave all my friends, and I don't know what to pack! If anyone has any advice of what is important to bring I'd LOVE to hear it!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feathers and Monroe

This particular outfit is not something I would usually put together. I would much rather pair the shorts with a nice button down and the top with a pair of rolled jeans. However, today I thought I would go for it. I feel as if pairing my pac-sun cheetah top with the professional looking shorts made it more playful and fun. Also, do not get me started on the Betsey Johnson clutch. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "it is to die." I feel if you put the face of Marilyn Monroe on anything, it makes it a million times better. 

 I have recently become obsessed with the little pond/lake in my backyard. I think it is so picturesque and a perfect place for photo shoot. 

outfit info:
top: pac-sun
shorts: no idea
sunglasses: Ray-Bans
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day!

     There is something truly magical about the Fourth of July. It happens to be one of my favorite holidays. I mean how could you possibly beat picnicking, fireworks, and sparklers? Those are the three simple components of making a fantastic Independence Day.
     For my family, we always get everyone together, have a big feast, and set fireworks off in our own backyard. I know this sounds very midwestern of me, but I would not change it for anything.

As this holiday came around, I was wondering what would be the perfect outfit to wear to the family festivities. I soon decided on my go to sundress that I got from Nordstroms about five years ago. The floral pattern has the perfect country feel, that was wonderful for running around with my family. 


Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Uniform

So this has probably been one of the hottest summers Ohio has seen in a while! There is nothing but blue skies and sunshine everyday! In order to stay comfortable in the obnoxious heat, (I much prefer the cool breezes of spring and fall) I have come up with the perfect "summer uniform."

I have been obsessively buying high waisted shorts. They are so comfortable, and you can wear them with anything! So that my number one must have this summer!
Next is any pair of TOMS! They are possibly the most comfortable shoes in the world!!! TOMS are my number 1 go to for comfy shoes!
Lastly is a good headband. I got a ton like the ones in these photos in Thailand. They are a perfect add to any outfit!
These are all the things to make a perfect casual summer outfit! I hope this post didn't jinx the good weather!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thailand and back!

Well I hope to say I'm back for good in the blogging world! The past month has been crazy! Not only did I go to Nicaragua, but I also graduated high school, went to Thailand, and now just returned back! Every adventure I went on in Thailand was amazing!
  I got to experience Buddhist temples, ride elephants, feed monkeys and go to the beach! It was possibly one of the most amazing trips of my life! Oh and the shopping! Did I mention shopping?! Everything there was so inexpensive! You could buy like five new dresses for twenty American dollars!!
Even though these photographs do not exactly showcase all of my outfits fully, it gives you a little taste at the adventures I had whilst in Thailand!