Friday, August 12, 2011

A New Chapter

  Well, summer is quickly drawing to a close, which means a couple of different things. One: LAYERS!! I'm sorry to all of you people who love summer and the heat, but I am an autumn type of girl and cannot wait to wear a lot of sweaters and tights!
 This outfit is from all the way back in March, but it encompasses everything I love autumnish weather... even if it was in the beginning of spring. I feel like those seasons are extremely similar. I love this dress because I can wear it during any season and feel comfortable! The jacket is my go to piece if I want to look a little more edgy.. And the shoes... Do I even have to say? They are to die! Though I only can wear them for a short period of time, I alway feel way more confident in them!

  The second thing that the end of summer means, is leaving for college. I am so excited to start on my new adventure in New York! The only problem is I have to leave all my friends, and I don't know what to pack! If anyone has any advice of what is important to bring I'd LOVE to hear it!


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