Monday, October 21, 2013

Mi Corazón Pertenece en Barcelona

This past weekend I travelled with Weekend Student Adventures to Barcelona, Spain.... Well technically it was Catalunya, but who needs to deal with technicalities? It was honestly one of the most fun weekends of my life. I know every time I go to a new place it becomes my favorite place on the planet, but I really do believe Spain is going to remain my number one for quite some time. It might have only been four days but I made memories that will last for a life time. (I threw up a bit as I reread that due to the cheesiness but it is the truth!) 

I got to learn how to make sangria and traditional paella from this guy! Needless to say the evening did not disappoint. 

The sights in the city were so incredible. I couldn't help myself but go crazy with taking a mass amounts of pictures. (I may have taken almost 700 pictures over the 3 short days that I was there.) I have decided that I am obsessed... it is true.

From almost dying whilst riding a bike throughout the city to watching as my friends ran off into the Mediterranean Sea for a night swim; the trip had so many amazing aspects it would take me more than just a few paragraphs to tell them all. 

I became the best at taking creeper pictures while there.

Who knows where the next stop on my quest for adventure will be, but I can't wait to find out! The nomadic life is the life for me and I am absolutely ok with this fact! 

Thanks for reading all! 


Friday, September 20, 2013

That one time I went Windsurfing

So I am coming to the end of my second week in Ireland and it already feels like I have been here a lifetime. I am slowly coming to love it more than New York... (is that blasphemy?) Maybe I am just still in the honeymoon phase with this beautiful country.

This weekend I got the opportunity to explore a different part of Ireland other than Limerick. Since I joined the Windsurfing Club.... (yes you did just read that correctly, I joined the Windsurfing Club) I got to go down to the western coast of Ireland to County Kerry. 

 Just like the rest of Ireland it was gorgeous! Surrounded equally by beaches and mountains, I tried my best to take it all in. The energy of all of the people that I met was absolutely amazing! They were so willing to teach us newbies the ropes of windsurfing. It is definitely one of my favorite moments of Ireland so far. I cannot wait to go again. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ireland So Far

Hi all and greetings from Ireland! I cannot believe I am finally in the beautiful city of Limerick, Ireland! This is possibly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. Slowly but surely I am becoming obsessed. There is a good chance that I might not leave ever. (sorry mom and dad) Over the months that I am here you can read all about what I'm up to while abroad. Be prepared to be bombarded by hundreds of pictures. 

All of these pictures were taken along the River Shannon on a gorgeous little walk way. No need to be too jealous! 

Not only is the scenery in Ireland fantastic, the people are as well. Everyone that I have met is so welcoming and kind. They are definitely the best kinds of people. 

And now enjoy tons of pictures! 

Until next time

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Perfect Prairie Dress

I came across this fabulous prairie dress as I was doing my daily stalking of the Free People website (it is my favorite) I fell in love with it instantly and knew I had to own it! I had been searching for the perfect prairie dress for about a year now and I knew this was the one. 

When it finally arrived in the mail I put it on right away, and it fit perfectly. I was so incredibly happy with the quality of the dress and how it looked on me. I feel so free whenever I wear it. I just want to run around in fields or walk around barefoot. It is the perfect dress to do both those things in. Now, most people don't undersand by obsession with it, but that doesn't matter. It is the perfect dress for summer. 

Snaps for Free People and for Prairie dresses! 

It also looks amazing on a clothes line! 

Thanks for reading!