Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Perfect Prairie Dress

I came across this fabulous prairie dress as I was doing my daily stalking of the Free People website (it is my favorite) I fell in love with it instantly and knew I had to own it! I had been searching for the perfect prairie dress for about a year now and I knew this was the one. 

When it finally arrived in the mail I put it on right away, and it fit perfectly. I was so incredibly happy with the quality of the dress and how it looked on me. I feel so free whenever I wear it. I just want to run around in fields or walk around barefoot. It is the perfect dress to do both those things in. Now, most people don't undersand by obsession with it, but that doesn't matter. It is the perfect dress for summer. 

Snaps for Free People and for Prairie dresses! 

It also looks amazing on a clothes line! 

Thanks for reading! 


Monday, June 10, 2013

A New Adventure

Hello Interwebs,

Yes, I still exist, the last few months of my life have been consumed with hours of school work and interning, but alas I have survived and hopefully this summer I can get back to the old grind.

Summer is all about setting new goals. Many people believe that new goals and resolutions should be reserved for the start of the New Year, but I believe that summer is a better time to start. It is the time that I can be a complete bum and not have to worry about anything. It is the time that I can try completely new things.

So what brought on this new goal of a different lifestyle? Well I am going to the University of Limerick in Ireland for an entire semester. There I will have to be able to cook for myself (this could get dangerous). I will have to get used to not having all of my usual friends and controlling my huge anxiety problems.

This all being said, I want to take you all on my lovely journey of changing my lifestyle. From learning how to cook more than just mac&cheese and PB&J to finding my center in starting to do more yoga. Now I know that this is normally a forum of everything that I love in fashion and style, but style is so much more than that. So I hope you all enjoy!