Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Uniform

So this has probably been one of the hottest summers Ohio has seen in a while! There is nothing but blue skies and sunshine everyday! In order to stay comfortable in the obnoxious heat, (I much prefer the cool breezes of spring and fall) I have come up with the perfect "summer uniform."

I have been obsessively buying high waisted shorts. They are so comfortable, and you can wear them with anything! So that my number one must have this summer!
Next is any pair of TOMS! They are possibly the most comfortable shoes in the world!!! TOMS are my number 1 go to for comfy shoes!
Lastly is a good headband. I got a ton like the ones in these photos in Thailand. They are a perfect add to any outfit!
These are all the things to make a perfect casual summer outfit! I hope this post didn't jinx the good weather!

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