Monday, January 17, 2011

current obsessions: fringe boots

 Sorry for my lack of posts lately! I find that I am horrible at consistency of posts. Anyways! 
 I recently received my final Christmas gift. They were apparently put on backorder because they were so magnificent! My parents got be a pair of beautiful fringe boots! They are so comfortable and makes me want to dance around a fire of something. 

 The boots were paired with a Revival necklace, Target hat, Forever 21 skirt, and TJMaxx Tights

 I wore them for the first time when I went to this meeting at the Akron Public Library. Since reading is my favorite thing to do, I find it incredibly appropriate to have taken these pictures in the library. My dad and I went around with a nice security guard to take all the pictures. It was truly such a fantastic setting.

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  1. I love your hat and look at all! but photos are so small ..
    i love your blog! let`s be blogfriends?)