Monday, November 12, 2012

Home Away From Home

So part of challenging myself to upgrade my blog to more than just outfit posts I decided to do one about my home away from home..... Hofstra University, and more specifically the tiny little box I call my dorm room. Since I moved here from Ohio more than a year ago, I've had some time to make it more like my room at home, which to be honest I sometimes forget what it looks like. When I left for New York I took all of the things from home that mean the most to me and just had to be at college with me.

To start off the things that needed to come to my room are my David Bowie pictures. I have a borderline obsession with that man. Everything about him is fantastic; from his style to his music... He is definitely someone I want to meet before I die. Next are all of my books and photographs. Though they are not super clear my room is covered with pictures of friends and family. It is like having a little bit of Ohio here with me. 

The last few things that are a must in any room that I live in is my inspiration wall. I have a wall devoted to magazine clippings and photographs that inspire me for various reasons. They vary from year to year, but they more or less stay the same. Lastly my vast giraffe collection. They are my absolute favorite animal and a majority of the stuffed animals I have of them came from family members. 

There is something so comforting about being able to fill my room with whatever I want and not being judged for it. Even though I am super far from home, I am able to bring some of it with me. Is there something you can't live without being in your room?

Thanks for reading. 

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