Tuesday, December 14, 2010


   Wow! I have decided I am horrible at keeping a blog (even though this is only my second post!) I am terrible about posting everyday. Oh well! On a lighter note, I have definitely decided New York City is the place for me. Spending the past two weekends there has solidified my decision. I went with my family and school and did mostly touristy type things, except when we visited New York University. It is such a fantastic campus! I saw so many opportunities there. If I don't get into NYU, I will just die! All around me there were such unique artistic people. It is definitely a place where I could live.
  Here are some pictures from the fabulous trip!



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  1. Cool pictures, I love your glasses!!
    Good luck with your blog, lol. :)))

    We both love the Smiths, that is so awesome! And the Catcher In The Rye? Double awesomeee!!!
    Cool blog. :)))

    Check mine out too, if you feel like it!