Sunday, June 10, 2012

Neverland or Wonderland?

Hello world! I hope you are all doing fantastic! New York is so lovely! I cannot believe how lucky I am to be living here over the summer, even if it is on Long Island. Though I will have plenty of time to do fun photoshoots around the city for now I am sticking with the beautiful campus of Hofstra! 

I know that I have said it before, but I still cannot get over how absolutely gorgeous this place is. It reminds me of either our own little Neverland or Wonderland.  I still cannot decide! As I went exploring today I found this coy pond garden thing. The last time that I saw it, it was winter and everything was dead and just sad. Today, however, it was absolutely magical. There were huge flowers and trees everywhere! It is just the place that I just want to sit and read in! 

For the day I wanted something extremely relaxed and comfortable since it is the day of rest and all. My entire outfit is from Urban Outfitters except for the shoes which are F21. For days like this I think it is a perfect outfit; something that doesn't take that much thought. When I added the bow I suddenly felt like Alice. And when I enter this little garden area I felt as if I had fallen down the rabbit hole. Or maybe I finally reached the second star to the right and went straight onto morning. Whichever it was everything around me disappeared and I was in a trance. Do you ever have moments like that?

What is your favorite fairytale book? Have you ever found a place that somewhat resembles it or makes you feel like you are there??

Thanks for reading! 

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