Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Will Not Grow Up.

Hello lovely people! I hope your week is going swimmingly! I cannot help but be inspired by all of the beautiful nature all around me! I mean it isn't like the forests I'm surrounded by at home, but it still works. All over campus there are so many gorgeous flowers, trees, and vines! I am completely dying! It is so wonderful! There are so many places I can go to take pictures that do not look like they are a part of a college campus! 

 Today in particular my friend Gillie and I found this lovely little part of campus. It was all secluded and reminded me of a fairy garden. When I saw it all I wanted was to listen to the Peter Pan soundtrack with all of the whimsical sounds. For my outfit I was once again inspired with the style of Woodstock. I paired my floral maxi skirt with an American Eagle tank, American Eagle sweater, and Aldo boots. To up the 60s look I added one of my headbands from Thailand. It was such a fun look to wear! I can't help but always think I am in the wrong era since the thing to wear is sweatpants in ugg boots! gross. 

Are you inspired by nature, music, or movies?
What is it??
Thanks for reading!

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