Friday, April 20, 2012

Model Behavior

Happy Friday everyone! It is time for my model streetstyle of the week! For today I chose Emma Watson. Now before you all start saying that I am wrong for choosing an actress for the spotlight, you are all wrong! I can justify this by using her Burberry campaigns! Anyways I make the rules for this.

Emma Watson has pretty much grown up in the limelight. I mean she was in what I consider the greatest movie series of all time! Anyways along with watching her grown up, we have also seen her style blossom. I feel like she can pull of any look. She does the boho, she does the girly, she does the classic, and she does tomboy. All of these are pulled off flawlessly! Just look at her! I wish I could look as good as she does! I think what makes her incredibly chic is her confidence and her pixie! I don't think she has ever had a bad outfit in recent years... well maybe a few, but she keeps them under wraps. So here's to you Ms. Watson! Kudos for having such phenomenal style. 

Do you all have a favorite actress/model that seems to always look perfect?
Thanks for reading!

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