Monday, April 2, 2012

Keep Breathing

Hello all of my loves, I am sorry I have been so absent this week! I had to return to Ohio for a funeral and I stupidly forgot my camera at school. But no worries, I am back and ready to go. Coming back from home I was expecting it to still be warm like it had been for the passed few weeks, but alas it was not. It was chilly again so I had to dress like it was winter again. 

 For today I decided to go with an extremely classic look. I paired a simple black skirt with my grey silk top and my super old purple boots. It was such a simple outfit that had flair to it. It is so easy to make an  outfit pop with a tiny bit of color. Anyone can do it. 

To accessorize I wore my late great grandmother's necklace. It is filled with mustard seeds, I am not completely sure of what the meaning is, but since it belonged to her it means a lot. It is such a simple piece that I can wear with everything. In the short amount of time that I have owned it, it has become one of my favorite pieces. 

Do any of you have a favorite heirloom piece? Something that might not be completely gorgeous, but means a lot??
Thank you all for reading.

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