Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Casual Tuesday

Going to private schools my entire life a dress code has always been enforced. I was never really able to wear my favorite dresses because they were deemed "inappropriate." That is why when I graduated I started wearing dresses almost everyday! I absolutely adore feeling girly and pretty, and I usually don't get that when I wear pants. So anyways, my friend decided that I need to start dressing casual once a week. When I usually think of "casual" in college I always think of people wearing sweatpants and uggs. I am sorry, I just cannot bring myself to do that, even at home. Then I came to realize, you can still be fashionable while being casual. I will be making Tuesdays devoted to casual wear, and how you can still style it fashionably. I hope you all enjoy! 

For my first day of casual Tuesday, I went with my favorite black American Eagle jeans, Ralph Lauren jean shirt, Urban Outfitters infinity scarf, and sparkly TOMs that I wore to my prom. I was still able to keep my personal style without having resort to sweats to be casual. 

I challenge all of you fashionistas to do one casual day out of the week! 
Thanks for reading, loves. 


  1. you're too cute, I love your blog.


  2. woow You have a great style!
    Nice blog!♥n_n
    I like the photos! :D
    Have a nice day♥♥!