Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nothing Like a Lazy Day

I have seriously been in love with the last few days! The weather has been perfect, people have been so happy, and everything has been falling into place. The campus looks just like the brochures. Everyone is just lying out on the quad attempting to do homework, but in all reality they are playing frisbee and working on tans. It is such a beautifully lazy day.

For this beautiful day I paired one of my favorite pair of high waisted shorts that I got in Thailand with an H&M shirt, H&M cheetah flats and Ray Ban sunglasses. It was an outfit that was extremely easy to lounge around in. Days like these really make me miss living in the middle of nowhere because it is acceptable to run around the fields...but seeings how I do not live anywhere near a field, frolicking was a tad difficult.

How do you all like to spend sunny lazy days? 

Thank you all for reading, loves.